NetVu EMC Test and Compliance Services

We can help you with all your testing needs by offering pre-compliance testing allowing you to determine if your equipment will pass or fail EMC testing. This is a cost effective way giving you the flexibility to find fixes in the event of a fail. We run and operate a full EMC test facility based in Cheshire offering both emissions and immunity testing. For more information on these service please give us a call on 01928 706400.

So what pre-complaince can we offer?
  • Conducted Emissions
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted Immunity
  • Surge Immunity
  • Fast Transient Bursts
  • Electrostatic Discharge

  • Need testing and a test report? Not a problem NetVu EMC can also offer this service too with all the above tests. All testing is conducted at our Cheshire testing facility in Northwich just off Junction 10 of the M56.

    We can offer you professional advice on all EMC and product safety matters giving help on testing, standards and fixes. With over 29 years giving advise on all EMC solutions we can help with all emissions and immunity related problems.

EMC Test Chamber

On Site EMC Testing

Equipment to big to bring to our test lab? no problems we can come to you..  We can offer Conducted and Radiated emissions along with some immunity tests, for more call 01928 706400 today or email

EMC Testing North West